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We breed for temperament, workability, and good health

Our focus is on breeding and selecting dogs with superior genetics to ensure they possess a well-balanced temperament, are comfortable in various environments, exhibit excellent social behavior, remain neutral towards people and other canines, and possess the ability to switch off when not engaged in work.


is important in ensuring that the offspring of the dogs have the desired traits for their intended purpose.

We train our K9’s temperament and their natural disposition, such as whether they are calm or aggressive, friendly or aloof, and confident or fearful. Breeding for a good temperament can help ensure that the K9’s are easier to handle and less prone to aggression or fear-related issues.

Good Health

Good health is important for any K9, as it affects their overall well-being and their ability to perform their intended tasks. We place great importance not only on a dog’s temperament but also on their physical well-being. Therefore, we ensure that all our dogs undergo testing for DM and HD/ED/spine x-rays to guarantee their good health and soundness.


We strive in training our K9’s to have the ability to perform the tasks for which they were bred, such as herding, hunting, or providing protection. Breeding for workability can help ensure that the K9’s have the necessary physical and mental traits to perform their intended roles effectively.


This involves teaching your German Shepherd to navigate through a series of obstacles, such as jumps, tunnels, and weave poles, in a timely manner.


We feel that effective communication is a top priority for us. To provide you with the best understanding of your desired dog(s) before their arrival, we offer regular photo and video updates to give you a clear idea of their temperament and personality.

Puppies for Sale

As a breeder, our objective is to breed puppies that exhibit both exceptional workability and sound, stable temperament with good health. To foster confidence from an early age, we expose our puppies to various sounds, surfaces, and environments. We take pride in what we can ensure for our puppies.


training is essential for any working K9, as it helps to establish clear communication and boundaries between the K9 and its handler. This training can include basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel, as well as more advanced tasks such as off-leash obedience and recall.


teaching the K9 to protect its handler or property. This training can include bite work, apprehension, and protection of property, and should be conducted in a safe and controlled environment by experienced trainers.


We strive for our K9 training program to be well-rounded and focused on developing the necessary skills and traits for working dogs. It is important to remember that K9 training should always be conducted with the safety and well-being of the dog and its handler and always our top priority.

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