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WE focus on temperament and workability typically aim to produce dogs with desirable personality traits and the ability to perform tasks such as herding, hunting, or serving to protect as a companion animal.

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Our focus is on breeding and selecting dogs with superior genetics to ensure they possess a well-balanced temperament, are comfortable in various environments, exhibit excellent social behavior, remain neutral towards people and other canines, and possess the ability to switch off when not engaged in work.

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refers to a dog’s overall attitude, personality, and emotional responsiveness to people and other animals. Breeding for a good temperament can involve selecting for traits such as friendliness, confidence, and trainability while avoiding traits such as fearfulness or aggression. A dog with a good temperament is typically easier to train, socialize, and integrate into a family or working environment.

We place great importance not only on a dog’s temperament but also on their physical well-being. Therefore, we ensure that all our dogs undergo testing for DM and HD/ED/spine x-rays to guarantee their good health and soundness.

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We take price in training a dog’s ability to perform specific tasks or jobs. This can include tasks such as herding livestock, retrieving game, or serving as a service or assistance dog. Breeding for workability can involve selecting for traits such as intelligence, drive, and physical ability while avoiding traits such as nervousness or distractibility. A dog with good workability is typically better suited for specific tasks and can be more efficient and effective in their work.


breeding for temperament and workability can result in dogs that are not only good at performing specific tasks but also make great companions with desirable personality traits. However, it is important for breeders to prioritize the welfare of the dogs they are breeding and to avoid breeding for traits that can lead to health issues or other problems.

K-9 search and contraband detection

to the use of specially trained dogs to search for and detect illegal substances or items, such as drugs, explosives, or weapons. These dogs, known as detection or sniffer dogs, have a keen sense of smell and are trained to alert their handler when they detect the scent of a specific substance or item.


The training of a detection dog typically involves imprinting them with the scent of the substance or item they are trained to detect and then gradually increasing the difficulty of finding that scent in a variety of environments. The dogs are typically trained using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage them to alert their handler when they detect the scent.

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